Frequently asked questions

1. When do I need a zoning permit?
A zoning permit is required for any kind of new structure or alteration to an existing structure on your property. This includes fences, pools, sheds, decks, room additions, garages, etc. If you have any questions as to whether a permit is necessary for something you are planning, please don't hesitate to call the Zoning Inspector at 419.392.5381.

2. How much does a permit cost?
Zoning permits cost between $25 and $200 depending on the type of permit you are applying for. Please see the rate table below for more details.

3. How long does the approval process take?
You will be notified of a decision within 20 days after your application for a permit has been received.

4. How do I appeal if my request for a permit is denied?
You may file a written appeal with the Zoning Board of Appeals within 20 days after receiving notification of the decision by the Zoning Inspector. For more details, please refer to Section 23 of the Washington Township Zoning Resolution.

New rates effective March 1, 2016.

Fence or pool
Shed or deck
Residential accessory or change/garage
Single family dwelling
Two family dwelling
Multiple family dwelling
Handicap Ramp
No Charge
Commercial/industrial sign - portable
Commercial / industrial sign - building and pole
Commercial / industrial accessory or change
Commercial - New Construction
Hearings - Variance
Hearings - Appeal
Hearings - Zoning Change
Hearings - Conditional/Special use
Zoning Resolution (Book)
$15.00 for printed copy or Online for free
Change of Use
Building Demolition