Washington Township is located in Lucas County, OH, and consists of two sections: Shoreland and Alexis Place. The Shoreland section is located just north of the Ottawa River, east of I-75. The Alexis Place area includes the Raintree Mobile Home Village.

There are approximately 3,600 residents living in Washington Township, and we provide Fire/Rescue, Police and Roads services to all of them. While we are located in the Washington Local school district, the township is a separate entity.

Washington Township was formed and organized in 1840. The first meeting to elected township officials was held at the home of Benjamin Mallett on June 27, 1840.

In 1937, the City of Toledo annexed the Point Place portion of Washington Township, promising paved roads, sidewalks, city services, and better police protection to deal with prohibition and gambling problems that Point Place experienced at that time.

The 1960s saw a major annexation of huge portions of Washington Township by the City of Toledo. However, township residents only agreed to be annexed if they could keep their school district. State law prohibits a municipality from having more than one school district, so the current borders of Washington Township were established – consisting of one mile of territory and comprised of two separate parcels – and Washington Local School District remained intact with Shoreland Elementary School remaining in the township.

Those two separate parcels have the following borders:

  • Western piece: “Alexis Place” completely surrounded by Toledo.
  • Eastern piece: “Shoreland” surrounded by Toledo, except for the northern border on Erie Township, Monroe County, Michigan.

A small part of Maumee Bay is also included in Washington Township.

There are no municipalities located in Washington Township.