Jerry Mayfield

Posted on September 24, 2020

Jerry was elected to the Washington Township Board of Trustees in November 2017. He and his wife Karen have lived in the Township since 1995 and have regularly attended Township meetings ever since. Jerry was appointed to and served on the Zoning Appeals Board and Zoning Commission for over fifteen years. For the last twenty years, Jerry has also served as president of the Creekside Glens residents’ association and managed the community pool.

Jerry and Karen have two daughters, Laura and Kathleen, who attended Shoreland Elementary School, graduated from Whitmer High School, and became teachers.

Jerry has 50 years’ experience in the printing industry. In 1993, he started his own business selling and servicing printing equipment. He has also served as a consultant for area print shops, assisting with shop design and personnel management. Jerry served on both Woodward High School’s and Penta Career Center’s graphic design advisory boards.

In 2015, Jerry worked to protect Shoreland School and surrounding Township neighborhoods by preventing a large business from tying into the Township sanitary sewer; prevented rezoning of property across from Shoreland School; and created the concept for the sidewalk on Suder between Shoreland School and Vistamar Road. Jerry has established a positive rapport and working relationship with local government officials and agencies to the benefit of our township. He continues to use his management and business experience to serve our residents and community.