Checkout Terms

By checking to box you agree to the following as applies to your order:

Zoning Permits

  • I declare that all information included with this order is correct and that building or proposed use of this property complies with all provisions of law
  • I declare that I have been duly authorized by the owener/Lessee to make the above application.

Shelter house Rentals

I agree to abide by the following terms of my Shelter house rental and understand I will be held accountable for any fees for non-compliance:

  • Smoking is not allowed anywhere in the building. Non Compliance $150.00
  • Renter agrees that the building shall not be used for any purpose other than the one mentioned in this order
  • No decorations will be affixed to walls or Ceiling (taped, stapled, glued) to the inside or outside of the building. Non compliance fee $25.00.
  • Floors must be swept and wet cleaned after the rental. Non compliance fee $25.00.
  • All tables/chairs will be wiped clean and put back as found. Tables must be stored so they do not block cabinets or phone box. Non compliance fee $25.00.
  • Kitchen counters, appliances, etc. will be wiped clean. Non compliance fee $10.00.
  • Trash will be removed from the building and placed in the dumpster. Non compliance fee $10.00.
  • At no time is driving or parking on the grass permitted. Non compliance fee $50.00.
  • No tables or chairs outdoors. Non compliance fee $50.00 per table.
  • Renter will pay replacement cost of any and all damaged or missing equipment.
  • Renter agrees there will be no gymnastics, karate, or physical exercise activities etc. within the Shelter house.
  • No glitter or table confetti to be used. Non compliance fee $25.00
  • Nothing shall be hung from ceiling. Non Compliance Fee $25.00
  • No bouncy houses of any kind.
  • If any Alcohol is present you forfeit you deposit